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Mandy and Oliver’s Story and How The Heartland Retreat Center Came About

Mandy and Oliver, both authors, philanthropists and entrepreneurs were guided to this sacred land. They founded Authentic Living where they certify Coaches, Therapist and Healers in over 60 Countries, many of which are available for bookings in support to your event. The Heartland story began when they were living with their sweet family in a beautiful ocean front home in Laguna Beach when inspiration struck them that the winds of change were blowing, and their purpose work was yet again, going to expand. Mandy began having visions of land, chickens and could see people walking around on the land and receiving healing energy. This was not in their business plan but after a few short minutes of visiting the Heartland, they looked at each other, knew this was the place, and said, “we will take it.” With the approval of the land’s energy, they re-did rooms, painted, redecorated, and built the heart labyrinth, the only labyrinth of that design known. They had wanted to find a really good Chef and manifested the perfect one. The Heartland Staff treat their guests with the same love and compassion they treat their own family as they know every guest and event is sacred, and here for a reason. The Heartland will continue to be enhanced, but it fully functional as an amazing retreat experience for any group. We hope to welcome you soon!

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